Windshield Replacement

New windshields installed by the professionals at Estrada's Carglass

A properly installed windshield has three life-saving benefits in the event of an accident: It allows proper deployment of air bags, keeps passengers inside the vehicle, and it provides up to 60% of the strength of the vehicle roof during a rollover accident.

Most families are very concerned about automobile safety. They typically protect themselves through the use of seatbelts, car seats, anti-lock brakes, and air bags. But what about another safety device that is of equal importance: a properly installed windshield? Unfortunately, recent research indicates that 80 percent of those consumers who were surveyed had no knowledge of how important proper windshield installation is to their safety and the safety of all the passengers in their vehicle.

New windshields installed in San Antonio
Make sure your windshield is installed properly; trust Estrada's Carglass to guarantee a windshield job done right!